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Prodjin Anti-Hair Loss

Prodjin is developed using a stringent 5-process water purification system, the Prodjin system is free of the harsh chemicals and preservatives found in other lines, and instead utilizes natural ingredients that leave hair healthier and shinier while promoting hair growth.

By using both Microemulsion and Nano Technology, the active ingredients are able to effectively penetrate to the dermal papillae, reducing levels of DHT, an enzyme responsible for hereditary hair loss. The Prodjin System dilates the vessels to the scalp, which increases oxygenation and nutrient flow, revitalizing hair follicles and promoting hair growth. The Prodjin System also augments the diameter of the hair shaft, thereby giving hair a fuller and thicker look.

The new Prodjin Anti-Hair Loss system will not only prevent hair loss it will also re-grow you hair. This exclusive proprietary formula improves circulation in the scalp area, utilizing a newly discovered complex of capsicum and rosemary extracts to significantly increase blood supply to hair follicles. The special ingredient Prodjin an all-natural complex of effective DHT blockers and circulation enhancers, helps to dilate the capillaries. Along with high concentrations of saw palmetto and nettles extract, Prodjin also bonds with DHT and prevents it from locking into receptor sites that block hair growth. Once DHT levels are reduced, the increased circulation ensures follicles receive sufficient oxygen and a nutrient from blood supply to begin re-growth.

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